Dear Friends of Second City Chamber Series,

As the hazy glow of summer settles into the sunset, we at Second City invite you to enjoy every last day of afternoon warmth, outdoor picnics, and extraordinary peeks of our home peak, Mt. Rainier.

Here is another installment of our virtual summer snapshots, this time with the distinguished and innovative concert pianist and professor, Dr. William Chapman Nyaho, who makes his home here in the Pacific Northwest. From his musical upbringing to how he became personal friends with Maya Angelou, learn about amazing Dr. Nyaho: his life, his love for music, and his passion especially for the music of the African diaspora.

So make yourself a cup of hot tea, maybe snag a little treat to go along with it, and enjoy Svend’s exclusive interview with Dr. Nyaho, specially recorded and produced just for you. You can read more about Dr. Nyaho HERE.

And after you watch the interview, we invite you to come back for additional videos below, featuring jaw-dropping piano performances by Nyaho of music by the following fabulous composers of African descent: Margaret Bonds, Oswald Russell, and Gregory Walker.


Svend Rønning, Artistic Director

Svend’s Interview with the William Chapman Nyaho

“Just the Music”: William Chapman Nyaho performs Three Jamaican Dances, Troubled Water, and Chalk Man.