Welcome to Second City Chamber Series’ 2020 Notes of Gratitude Annual Fundraiser and Silent Auction!

We are SO THRILLED to welcome you to our annual fundraiser and silent auction! Your support has never meant more and we are sincerely thankful for YOU.

This year, our Notes of Gratitude fundraiser celebrates chamber music and, most importantly, our wonderful Second City Chamber Series community. Please take a few minutes to browse our silent auction items in the beautiful viewbook below!

Our silent auction has completed, and the items have sold out. Thank you so much!

Our Gratitude Gift Bags have sold out and are no longer available for purchase. Thank you so much!

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You can also support us directly through a donation to our GoFundMe campaign by clicking on the “Donate Now” button, or you can see our campaign progress by clicking on the “Visit GoFundMe” button.

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