Winter Snapshot 3


Dear Friends of Second City Chamber Series,

I hope all is well with you in these rainy, overcast days of winter! Like many of you, I have been longing to have my old life back, while at the same time enjoying a slower pace of life free from travel, socializing, and concertizing—things I love, but am currently forbidden to do! Instead, my adventures have been occurring between the pages of books, in the virtual classroom, and in the practice room where I find myself practicing more for pleasure rather than for concert responsibilities.

One of my most enjoyable ventures of this time, however, has been conducting virtual interviews with a few of the many talented performers who give Second City Chamber Series all of its appeal.

I hope that you’ve been enjoying these special glimpses into the minds of our brilliant Second City Chamber Series guest artists.

In this installment, I have the great pleasure of catching up with one of Second City’s all-time favorite performers, the multi-talented and ever-charming Lisa Bergman!

Whenever I review programming requests, I always know somebody will request Lisa to be on the Series—her wonderful musicianship, coupled with her effervescent personality make her a beloved ambassador of classical music, not just at Second City Chamber Series, but across the airwaves as an outstanding announcer for Classical KING FM.

I hope you’ll enjoy this installment of our “Snapshot Series” which delves into Lisa’s personal and musical background, with a very special musical treat waiting for you inside. For example, what do you do if you accidentally introduce a piece on-air as Beethoven and press a button that plays a Scott Joplin rag? Watch our exclusive interview to find out.

And if you are part of Lisa’s widespread fan club, know that we cannot wait to invite her back to the Series soon, as soon as health directives, and her busy schedule, allow!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected to music, if only virtually here with us in the ether until the joy of live music is again a reality!

Warmly yours,

Svend Rønning, Artistic Director

Svend’s Interview with Lisa Bergman

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